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WHG Australia Day Statement 

25 January 2018

Women’s Health Grampians acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as Australia’s first peoples and the traditional owners and custodians of the land and water in which we live, work and play.

We recognise that January 26 is not a celebration for all Australians. This day marks the unlawful invasion of Australia that resulted in the genocide of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and dispossession of their land and culture.

The intersection of colonisation and dispossession, intergenerational trauma, removal from family and community, racism, discrimination, and marginalisation continue to have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In the face of these enormous challenges they are strong and continue to lead improvements in health and wellbeing for their communities.

On January 26, we stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We recognise and value the voices, strength and resilience of Aboriginal women and emphasise the importance of organisations controlled by and run for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. We support the Uluru Statement, the road map to a new beginning, to create a unified country that can move forward.



MEDIA RELEASE 24/08/2017

Vale Fiona Richardson MP

Members of Victoria’s peak body for gender equality, women’s health and the prevention of violence against women are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend Fiona Richardson MP.

Minister Richardson was a fierce and fearless advocate for women and for victim survivors of family violence. As Victoria’s Minister for Women and Australia’s first ever Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence she tirelessly fought for a better world for Victorian women.

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Women’s Health Grampians (WHG) was one of 34 organisations and partnerships across the state to receive funding to work with women at a local level to prevent family violence and other forms of violence against women.

WHG secured $140,000 towards their ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ program which will see a focus on engaging with sporting clubs and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

This grants program supports the ongoing investment and effort in Victoria to help end family violence and supports the key actions arising from Free from Violence: Victoria’s Prevention Strategy, an integral element of the government’s broader family violence system reforms. Click here to read full Media Release



WHAV looks forward to a Victoria free from family violence

Victoria’s peak body for women’s health, safety and wellbeing congratulates the Victorian government on standing strong on their commitment to all 227 recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. The Women’s Health Association of Victoria (WHAV) believes the unprecedented investment of $1.9B will go a long way to making the difference that is needed for women and children experiencing violence to get the service responses they need to live free from violence. Click here to read the full media release.



Priorities for Victorian Womens Health 2014-2018

Clear disparities in health outcomes exist in Victoria and across the world, with different groups experiencing wellbeing and illness in unequal ways. Women are one of those groups. While Victorian women are more likely to live longer than Victorian men, their higher prevalence and incidence of non-fatal health problems result in more years lived with ill health and disability.  For Victorian women aged 15 to 44 years, for instance, intimate partner violence is the leading contributor to disability and illness and, tragically, death.
Gendered differences in population health status means there remains significant scope in 2014 to improve the health of Victorian women.
Victorian women’s health services commend successive Victorian governments for their leadership on women’s health to date and encourage government to continue to partner with the women’s health sector to reduce the burden of ill health and disease for better health outcomes for Victorian women.
The Victorian women’s health sector continues this work through Priorities for Victorian Women’s Health 2014–2018, which recommends the development of a comprehensive women’s health policy and action platform for 2014–2018 that includes a set of specific actions for government.
The Victorian women’s health sector seeks commitment to the development of a comprehensive women’s health policy and action platform for 2014–2018.

What should the women’s health policy and action platform include?
In order to reduce the burden of ill health and disease for better health outcomes for Victorian women, the women’s health policy and action platform should include five specific actions for government. These are:
1. Development of a statewide sexual and reproductive health strategy.
2. Investment and leadership in the primary prevention of violence against women.
3. Research and action on women in a changing society, specifically the impacts of climate change on the health of Victorian women
4. Development of a gendered mental health and wellbeing plan.
5. Further investment in the Victorian Women’s Health Program to implement initiatives arising from the actions above.
How must the women’s health policy and action platform be developed and implemented?
In order to succeed, the women’s health policy and action platform must be developed and implemented in the following way. It must:
• be led by Government – with the Office of Women’s Affairs returned to the Department of Premier and Cabinet to assure a whole-of-government approach;
• focus on gender equity across the whole of government and at all levels of government;
• include clear performance goals or targets for measuring achievements;
• ensure collection and analysis of gendered data; and
• invest in Victorian women’s health services to lead local and statewide strategies.

To view the Priorities for Victorian women’s health 2014-2018 flyer, click here

To read the full Priorities for Victorian women’s health 2014-2018 position paper, click here

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