Attack on Djab Wurrung birthing tree

Women’s Health Grampians expresses deep disappointment over the attack on a Djab Wurrung tree in recent days. We are shocked by this senseless act of vandalism and the drilling of holes into a sacred women’s Djab Wurrung birthing tree.

WHG understands the cultural significance of sacred women’s sites, particularly this area on Djab Wurrung country. Our understanding comes from listening to and learning from Djab Wurrung women who have been tirelessly advocating for the importance of protecting this area of country for almost four years now.

As a women’s health service we understand the impact of violence committed against women, and we empathise with the violation and trauma Djab Wurrung women are currently processing. An attack on sacred women’s country is nothing less than an attack upon and committing of violence towards Djab Wurrung women.

WHG has the privilege of working across the entirety of the Grampians region and we do not take that privilege lightly. We express our love and solidarity to Djab Wurrung people not just today but every day and we stand with you in the fight to protect all elements of Djab Wurrung country.

Date: 15/08/2023

Category: Blog

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