Leading Change Presidents’ Dinner | Ballarat

In November 2017 we hosted 100 people at the Leading Change President’s Dinner at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. It was encouraging to see an appetite of goodwill from sporting clubs and associations to prevent violence against women and promote gender equality. We hope those who attended took inspiration from our guest speakers highlighting the positive role sport can play in changing culture and attitudes such as:

  • Leaders obligation to set positive standards of behaviour towards women;
  • The importance of language, culture and policies in creating inclusive and respectful environments for women;
  • Being willing to speak up when witnessing inappropriate behaviour;
  • It does not cost anything to promote gender equality

The Courier captured stories with some of our guest speakers and stakeholders prior to the event:

Peter Gordon, President, Western Bulldogs Football Club called on sports clubs to be a force for good

Michael Flynn, Executive Officer, Sports Central called on clubs to recognise their part in creating cultural change

Greg Anders, Director, Ballarat Golf Club recognised that the underlying cause of violence against women is gender inequality

Date: 27/11/2017

Category: Prevention of Violence Against Women

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