Support available to CoRE members includes:

  • A comprehensive suite of CoRE resources to assist organisations in taking action
  • Training and advice from WHG consultants to guide learning, planning and implementation
  • Community of Practice sessions and events to share knowledge and insights across a vibrant network of organisations.

For more information,  please contact your Regional Consultant.

CoRE Resources

CoRE members can access a range of resources to promote gender equity in the workplace and beyond. This includes tools and checklists for taking action.

  • All CoRE Resources are available from Resources

CoRE members can ask their Regional Consultant for advice on which resources are best suited for their organisation’s context and stage of planning and implementation.

CoRE Training & Advice

CoRE members have access to the following support provided by WHG consultants and trainers:

  • Advice and expertise to support organisational planning and implementation (individual meetings or via participation on your committees or working groups)
  • Leadership briefings to senior staff, councils, boards or committees to increase knowledge about violence against women and the role of prevention strategies within organisations
  • Training for staff and volunteers on a broad range of topics to support progress on activities identified
  • The opportunity to take part in Act@Work, WHG’s intensive workplace based program.

To enquire about or access this support, please contact your WHG consultant or phone WHG on: 5322 4100. 

Community of Practice sessions for CoRE Members

Communities of Practice are an initiative by WHG to support members of the CoRE Alliance to come together, share information and learn about new ideas for action.

These interactive 2-hour sessions include:

  • Information about new resources and how to apply them
  • Workshopping ideas for action for your organisation
  • Sharing practical examples and learning from others experience
  • Networking information with other CoRE members in your region

The Communities of Practice are held in each region (Central Highlands, Grampians Pyrenees and the Wimmera) approximately three times each year. For more information, contact your Regional Consultant.

We also host two special interest Communities of Practice that all CoRE members are invited to attend:

Communications Community of Practice

Communications professionals from CoRE member organisations come together to share information and ideas to promote messages about CoRE, prevention of violence against women and gender equality. Sessions will be held twice a year in various locations across the region. For further information contact Kate Diamond-Keith 5322 4100.

Sport Community of Practice

Sport and recreation organisations or groups with an interest in sport come together and share information and ideas about how gender equality in sport can be influenced to create positive change. Sessions will be held twice per year starting in early 2019. For further information please contact Dee Micevski on 5322 4100.