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Increasing Reproductive Choices

In 2018, WHG received funding from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to increase reproductive choices for women in the Grampians Pyrenees and Wimmera catchments. Evaluated by the University of Melbourne, this project aims to:

Engage general practice and health services to identify referral pathways, education opportunities and further understand the barriers to improving reproductive choices

Improve general practice knowledge of abortion services and awareness of the law regarding abortion and obligations to refer


Improve collaboration between general practice and health services to find local solutions that will strengthen referral options

Identify barriers to accessing necessary ancillary services (e.g. ultrasounds, pharmacy, emergency department)

Develop an evaluation framework to ensure outcomes are measured and learnings are captured and shared with other rural regions

The project is based on 2017 research by WHG and the University of Melbourne Rural GPs and Unintended Pregnancy in the Grampians Pyrenees and Wimmera Regions which found it is vital that GPs have access to accurate, comprehensive and current information on all the options for women facing unintended pregnancy, as the key providers of primary care in rural communities.

For further information contact Marieke Dam, Project Coordinator on or 0417 028 823.

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