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Statement of Reconciliation (3)

Women’s Health Grampians acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanderpeoples as Australia’s First Peoples and the Traditional Owners of the lands,waterways and skies where we live, work and play. We celebrate that this is the oldestcontinuous living culture in the world.
We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. This always was and always willbe Aboriginal land. The invasion of Australia involved genocide and dispossession ofland and culture. The health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanderpeoples continues to be impacted by colonisation, discrimination, marginalisation,and the forced removal from Family, Country and Culture. We acknowledge theextensive harm experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women andchildren, including high rates of family violence, among the impacts of invasion.
We recognise that the privileges and benefits we enjoy are underpinned by sufferingand injustice perpetrated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplesthrough colonial systems. We accept, as a feminist organisation, that the struggle forgender equality has often excluded Aboriginal women, and we commit to learningand reflecting on our own privilege in order to work in genuine partnership. We willbe guided by Aboriginal women and Aboriginal community-controlled organisations inour work and we support self-determination.
We recognise the strength and courage of Aboriginal women and girls who bravelyspeak up against oppression and the consequences of colonisation, and generouslyshare their wisdom on Family, Country and Culture. We will learn from this wisdom.We commit to challenging racism and discrimination, and to calling out systems ofoppression. We will listen, learn and work in partnership with Aboriginal peoples tobuild systems of inclusion. We seek a future of respect and equality for all, and westand in solidarity with Aboriginal communities across the Grampians region.

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