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CoRE Training

Women’s Health Grampians offers a series of locally developed and delivered training sessions to CoRE member agencies.

Training sessions build knowledge and skills across staff, volunteers and members regarding sexism and discrimination. Sessions also cover what organisations can do at a policy and systemic level to prevent violence against women and advance gender equality. Our training is informed by the latest research and evidence.

Sessions can be offered online or face to face (depending on COVID restrictions). To ensure training is interactive, online sessions are capped at 18 attendees. For further information or to discuss scheduling please contact your Regional Consultant or Women’s Health Grampians.

The learning is well worth it. It needs to be compulsory in all workplaces.

Really good to talk through what role we can actively play in stamping out the incorrect behaviours

Prevention of Violence Against Women – An Introduction

This 3 hour interactive session provides:

  • An overview of the nature and prevalence of violence against women
  • Causes of Violence Against Women based on the Change the Story National Framework
  • Tips on how to be an active bystander

Gender Equity for Managers

This training is suitable for managers seeking to understand how to apply the concepts associated with gender equity in their own organisation.

This 2 hour interactive session will cover:

  • Gender equality statistics
  • Why gender equality matters
  • Key concepts such as unconscious bias, gender equity vs equality, intersectionality
  • Strategies for success
  • Practical applications in your organisation

Active Bystander

Tips and techniques for how to be an active bystander challenging, sexism, discrimination and harassment. This 1.5 hour interactive session will cover:

  • What it means to be an active bystander
  • Why it is important
  • Tips on how to be an active bystander

Gendered Violence Deep Dive

This 6 hour intensive training is suitable for managers and staff leading CoRE action in their organisation.

The session will provide:

  • An overview of the prevalence and causes of violence against women
  • An understanding of the key drivers that support violence against women
  • An overview of key concepts re designing action:
    • Unconscious bias
    • Gender equity vs equality
    • Intersectionality
  • The techniques to be an active bystander
  • Putting it into action in your workplace

Intersectionality Workshop

Develop a deeper understanding of all forms of discrimination and learn how to take action. Understand how gender equality and other forms of discrimination intersect.

This 1.5 hour workshop is delivered by WHG’s Equality Advocates, drawing on the lived experience of diverse women from the Grampians region.

The session will provide:

  • Information about intersectionality and how it applies to different groups
  • Activities and reflections to assess how your organisation approaches intersectionality
  • Actions to consider in addressing gender inequality and other forms of discrimination
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