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Act on Site

Is a FREE, organisation-wide cultural change program tailored to support equal opportunity and promote gender equality in traditionally male-dominated industries in the Grampians region.

It aims to create safe, healthy and gender-equitable workplaces. 

ACT ON SITE reflects the current nationwide push to find solutions to major industry skills shortages, meet new gender and diversity initiatives and to capitalise on the 50% of talent and capability that remains untapped in our female workforce.

Based on Act on Site’s 6 essential action areas, we utilise consultation, staff training and culture shift strategies to measure change in your business, not just by seeing more women in “hard hats or hi vis”, but by encouraging real time attitudinal and behaviour change across the workplace.
A free Act on Site consultant will support you with resources and expertise to create a united action group, establish and implement an action plan and set timeframes over 9-12 months to enhance:

  • A positive workplace culture
  • Equitable, flexible and fair workplace practices
  • Unbiased recruitment strategies that encourage and attract the retention
    of women and diverse employees
  • Improved worker wellbeing, attitudes, job satisfaction and productivity

Additionally, Women’s Health Grampians professional training will assist in transforming entrenched attitudes and behaviours relating to everyday sexism, active bystander, bias and gender role stereotypes.

To attract and retain diverse talent, create a respectful workplace and counter the profound skills shortages currently affecting all industries, Act on Site is the ideal program to help navigate your future.

Please contact Katja Fiedler on 5322 4100 or Email

“It is not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do.”

Libby Lyons, former Director Women’s Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

With support from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women

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