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Gender Equality in Sport and Recreation

Sporting clubs add a critical opportunity to influence the attitudes and beliefs about what is normal and acceptable behaviour. Leadership in this area is critical if we are going to create a better, safer and more equitable community for our next generation

Marianne Hendron, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Health Grampians

It’s vital to be a part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to change for women in sport.

Michael Flynn, Executive Officer, Sports Central

As a regional and rural women’s health service, we recognise the power of sport in preventing violence against women. Our local communities are tightknit and sport is often a key reason for that. Sport can be a great vehicle for change. Sport can place social issues such as violence against women on the radar of the community and start a dialogue on hard to talk about topics. Sport can also address potential issues or barriers to inclusion, respect, safety and equal opportunity that may be present in the club and affect women, men and gender-diverse people’s participation.

WHG and CoRE can help clubs be apart of the change process and help foster diverse and inclusive cultures, particularly the attraction and retention of women and girls.

There are many benefits of becoming a CoRE member, including:

CoRE reaches many industries in the Grampians region and sport is a key setting. Many Australians believe sports organisations do more for the greater good and for communities than government, religious institutions or unions1 – therefore their engagement and participation in programs such as CoRE is important.

Fast track gender equality outcomes within your club through our intensive Act@Play program and change the safety of play in your club.

Become an expert in gender and sport through our suite of resources that support learning and growth in this space.

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For more information contact Dee Angelina Micevski (WHG Regional Consultant, WHG Gender Equality in Sport Lead),, (03) 5322 4100.

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