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For those who want to go the extra mile and accelerate gender equality outcomes in the club – we recommend the Act@Play program.

Act@Play is a 6-month club-wide cultural change program specifically designed to reflect the nature and dynamics of a sporting organisation. We work in partnership with a club to enable female-friendly spaces and places through quality and sustainable actions.

To date, AFL Goldfields, Basketball Ballarat, Ballarat City Football Club, Minyip Murtoa Football Netball Club and Horsham Basketball have participated in the fee-for-service program which has seen the implementation of Gender Equality Action Plans and club-wide bystander training to advance gender equality outcomes.

Learning tips on how to become an Active Bystander

Speaking up is better than doing nothing

Non-verbal can be just as effective as verbal

To take every situation differently and learning how to approach it

Interaction with training presenters

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