Gender Equality Act

The Victorian Gender Equality Act is a landmark piece of legislation that requires defined entity organisations to plan, implement and track progress towards workplace gender equality. The Act also directs defined entities to consider the gendered impacts of their policies, programs and services – ensuring better outcomes for people of all genders, across the community.

Women’s Health Grampians can provide advice and practical guidance to support your organisation to meet your Gender Equality Act obligations. CoRE commitment and prior participation in WHG’s Act@Work program can help your organisation meet, and exceed, your Victorian Gender Equality Act obligations.

Women’s Health Grampians is delighted to be a key partner in the Action for Gender Equality Partnership (Gender Equity Victoria Partnership). This partnership is one of the Panel of Providers announced by the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector.

The Panel of Providers has been established by the Commission to ensure public sector organisations are supported by expert gender advisors to help them prepare, transition and transform.

The Panel will support the implementation of the Victorian Gender Equality Act, educational activities delivered by the Commissioner and, and deliver a range of services on gender equality.

The Gender Equity Victoria Partnership is made up of 15 organisations – including each regional women’s health service – with highly qualified staff and a diversity of expertise and specialist skills in gender equality, practical knowledge on what works for gender equity design and  a transformational approach that is supportive of organisations, staff and the communities in which they are situated. 

More Details

More details are available on the Action for Gender Equality Partnership website.

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