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CoRE and Sport

Sporting entities (Clubs, Leagues, Associations) constitute 19% of CoRE Alliance members, with a diversity of codes represented including – footy, football (soccer), basketball, golf, netball, tennis, cricket, and roller derby.


The issue of gender-based violence matters to clubs – let’s continue to spread the word and grow the team by encouraging others to become CoRE members.
Click here for a full list of CoRE sporting clubs.

Join the TEAM and become a CoRE member today! click here

The biggest resource clubs can access through CoRE is a WHG Regional Consultant (RC). We understand clubs have a volunteer dynamic and are time poor, and your RC can work within the club’s capacity and provide practical guidance and support where needed.


For more details on what benefits clubs can access through CoRE membership click here.

An event not to be missed!

WHG will be holding our next Leading Change event, targeting the local sport and recreation sector, this coming May.

Please register here –

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