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Act @ Play

Act@Play is a gender equality, cultural change initiative delivered in a sport and recreation setting contributing to the prevention of violence against women in Victoria. This program is funded through Sport & Recreation Victoria’s ‘Gender Equality in Victorian Sport and Recreation Pilot Program’.

Building on the success and reach of our Act@Work program, Act@Play has been specifically designed to reflect the nature of the sport and recreation sector and work in partnership with a club to enable a more female-friendly environment and ensure quality and sustainable actions.

Two local sports associations, AFL Goldfields and Basketball Ballarat, have supported the pilot project which will see clubs and associations plan and implement quality actions to improve gender equality.

For further information contact Dee Micevski, or 5322 4100.

Women’s Health Grampians acknowledges the support of SportsCentral and Sport and Recreation Victoria


“Sporting clubs add a critical opportunity to influence the attitudes and beliefs about what is normal and acceptable behaviour. Leadership in this area is critical if we are going to create a better, safer and more equitable community for our next generation” WHG CEO Marianne Hendron

“It’s vital to be a part of the Victorian Governments commitment to change for women in sport.” Sports Central’s Executive Officer, Michael Flynn

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